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Our Purpose

We  help  people  with  glaucoma  get  detected  early  and  adhere  to  their  treatment management plan so they can prevent irreversible sight loss and maintain their quality of life with confidence in their eye health.

Our Mission

To prevent sight loss by increasing early detection and improving treatment adherence.

Our Vision

For Australians to be free of glaucoma blindness

Our Values

Hope, Advocacy, Empowerment and Integrity.

Board Members


Ophthalmology Committee
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Dr Katherine Masselos - Chair
Dr Mark Chiang 
Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin
Dr Shweta Kaushik
Dr David Wechsler
Dr Jonathon Ng
Dr Simon Phipps
Dr Sam Dance
Dr Brian Ang
Dr Nelson Kuo

Optometry Committee
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Dr Benjamin Ashby - Chair
Inez Hsing
Jack Phu
Ho Wah Ng
Bahara Musaf
Peter Murphy
Anna Delmadoros


Pharmacy Committee
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Kirsten McKerrell - Chair
Amanda Seeto
Brinley Hosking
Debbie Rigby
Dan Hillier
Khanh Nguyen
Nhan Do
Han Fey Yap
Mariyam Aly
Jessica Leung

Research Committee
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James Christensen - Chair
Kirsten McKerrell
Dr Ben Ashby
Dr Sam Dance

Independent Research Panel
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Prof Allison McKendrick - Chair
A/Prof Andrew White
Dr George Kong
Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin
A/Prof Bang Bui
Prof Bill Morgan
Prof Robert Casson
Dr Mitchell Lawler

ICT Committee
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Satish Chandar - Chair
Don Koch

Audit and Risk Committee
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William Peter Day - Chair
Kirsten McKerrell 
James Christensen
Lynette Klein

Patron & Ambassadors
Kirk Pengilly
Our Supporters

It is only through the support and generosity of notable individuals, corporate sponsors, trusts and foundations that Glaucoma Australia can continue to accomplish its vision.

Our Research

Since its inception, Glaucoma Australia has committed over $1 million to support Australian glaucoma research across a diverse range of projects.

Honorary Life Governors
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Glaucoma Australia provides free education and support to people living with glaucoma.