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Glaucoma affects 1 in every 50 Australians - people who need specialised support and tailored education to preserve their eyesight and improve their quality of life.    
Your generous gift will save the sight of more Australians by funding early detection programs, critical patient support services and the ground-breaking research needed to end glaucoma blindness. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

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$35 will go towards raising vital awareness of early detection amongst Australians at risk of glaucoma
$58 will allow two people diagnosed with glaucoma and their families access to face-to-face and online support groups
$90 will provide 10 recently diagnosed people with the education they need to manage their glaucoma and prevent vision loss
$153 will fund our free support line for one day, providing emotional and practical support
Please donate what you can so Glaucoma Australia can continue to give people with glaucoma hope for the future.
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