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Image of Prof Bill Morgan
Article by Professor Bill Morgan
Prof William Morgan is a Glaucoma subspecialist with a PhD in optic nerve physiology, managing director of the Lions Eye Institute, and Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Western Australia.

Prof Morgan's research studies pressure gradients in and around the optic nerve with interest in the effect of CSF pressure. Derived from this, he has recently been pursuing a greater understanding of retinal venous pulsation and its relationship to CSF pressure and glaucoma. In collaboration with Prof Yu, he was involved with the development of gelatin microfistula surgery for glaucoma therapy, which is currently being widely used internationally (XEN Allergan). 

He has a clinical and research interest in glaucoma surgery and the teaching of drainage surgery techniques generally, particularly in Indonesia. He is also the co-inventor of the Virna GDD, glaucoma drainage device that was recently launched in Indonesia. He has an interest in the epidemiology of blindness in the general community and in Australian indigenous communities in particular. He holds 7 patents and has published over 125 papers.