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Glaucoma Australia is committed to supporting research which focuses on the following research domains:

  1. Increasing the rate and reliability of early detection of glaucoma

  2. Improving the treatment experience

  3. Improving the quality and experience of monitoring the condition progression and maintaining better population wide statistics

  4. Providing management tools to improve the quality of life for people with glaucoma

We are excited to facilitate the innovative research of academics who drive progress in glaucoma management.  Our broad aims are to improve the lives of people with glaucoma through better glaucoma detection and treatment.

Previous recipients of glaucoma research grants
Year Recipient Study / Grant
2021 Professor Ewa Goldys
University of New South Wales
The fluorescent Hyperspectral Imaging (fHSI) technology, a novel imaging tool for the early detection and monitoring of glaucoma.
2019 Dr Flora Hui
Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA)
TAMING Glaucoma Trial (Targeting Metabolic Insufficiency in Glaucoma with Nicotinamide)
2019 Dr George Kong
Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
Clinical trial to examine the validity of home monitoring using the world’s first software app for tablet devices for glaucoma patients.
2019 Prof Jamie Craig
Flinders University
Population level screening aims to provide evidence which drives early intervention to the highest risk individuals before vision loss occurs.
2018 Flinders University TARRGET
2017 Flinders University TARRGET
2016 Flinders University TARRGET
2016 Dr Kathryn Burdon
Ms Emmanuelle Souzeau
Identifying genetic causes of primary congenital glaucoma in Australia
2016 Prof Jonathan Crowston
Dr Ian Trounce
Oxidative Phosphorylation defects and the optic nerve response to acute IOP injury in the xenomitochondrial mouse
2015 Westmead Hospital
2015 A/Prof Robert Casson Bioenergetic-Based Neuroprotection for the Treatment of Retinal and Optic
2014 Prof Jamie Craig
Dr Alex Hewitt
Proteomic and Genomic Strategies to Identify the Molecular Basis of PEX
2013 Prof Glen Gole
Dr Nigel Barnett
Prof Steven Bottle
Evaluating a novel (two-way, ie reversible) technique to measure oxidation (or reduction) in retinal cells in an experimental glaucoma model
2013 Dr Alex Hewitt
Dr Mirella Dottori
Dr Bryony Nayagam
Developing a patient-specific model for glaucoma
2012 Dr Glyn Chidlow Investigations into optic nerve injury in a rat model of glaucoma
2012 Dr Kathryn Burdon
Prof Jamie Craig
Dr James Muecke
Dr Adam Rudkin
Dr Jillian Nicholl
Genetic causes of childhood blindness in Sri Lanka and Cambodi
2011 A/Prof Robert Casson Can Glucose Eye Drops Improve Vision in Glaucoma
2011 Dr Kathryn Burdon Genetic Investigations of Central Corneal Thickness in Relation to Blinding Glaucoma
2010 Ms F O’Hare Characteristics of auditory function in individuals with glaucoma 
2010 Prof Jonathan Crowston
Dr Paul Healey
Regulating wound healing after glaucoma filtration surgery by priming Tenon’s fibroblast for apoptosis.
2010 Dr A. Martins
Prof Stuart Graham
Dr Alexander Klistorner
Spectral (Blue-Yellow) Objective Perimetry in Normal and Diseased States
2009 Dr John Wood
Dr Glyn Chidlow
The Role of Tau in Experimental Glaucoma
2009 Prof David Mackey The Twin Eye Studies in Tasmania to investigate genetic and environmental contributions to glaucoma and other eye diseases
2009 Dr Colin I Clement Hyperhomocystinaemia in Glaucoma
2008 Dr Glyn Chidlow
A/Prof Robert Casson
The Role of Osteopontin in the Retina
2008 A/Prof Robert Casson Bioenergetic-Based Neuroprotection for the Treatment of Retinal and Optic
2007 Dr Simon Skalicky Glaucoma and Depression
2007 Prof Peter McCluskey
Alex Dempster
Prof ACB (Tony) Molteno
Prof Denis Wakefield
The Role of Matrix Metallooproteinases in the Development of Filtration Blebs following Molteno Valve Insertion
2006 Prof Minas T Coroneo
Dr Agar Ashish
Dr Mark Hill
The Effects of Pressure on Retinal Ganglion Cell Survival In-Vitro
2005 Mr Michael Ward
A/Prof Ross McKinnon
Genetic determinants of beta-blocker eye drop efficacy in glaucoma patient
2004 Prof Jamie Craig
Dr Nick Voelcker
Miniaturised Implantable Sensors for Eye Pressure Measurement