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Kirk Pengilly
Article by Kirk Pengilly of INXS
Kirk Pengilly, from INXS, knows firsthand that eyesight is a gift to be cherished. His own experience of glaucoma is the driving force behind his role as an ambassador for Glaucoma Australia. He was just 29 years old when he came close to losing his sight to acute angle closure glaucoma.

Kirk became an ambassador for Glaucoma Australia late 2019 and a face of our ‘Don’t be Blindsided by Glaucoma Risk Awareness Campaign.

“I am really pleased to be an ambassador for Glaucoma Australia, and to help get the message out to Australians about the importance of having your eyes checked regularly, because most vision loss is preventable if detected early.” Kirk Pengilly
Kirk is known internationally as an acclaimed musician and member of the Australian rock group INXS. He was also diagnosed with Glaucoma aged 29 and is keen help people with glaucoma save sight by promoting our awareness campaigns, regular eye health testing and treatment adherence.
“Kirk’s personal experience shows that glaucoma can affect anyone, and his passionate plea for Australians to go and get their eyes tested will go a long way to increasing glaucoma awareness, early detection and intervention,” Annie Gibbins CEO

During Glaucoma Week 2020, Kirk helped Glaucoma Australia to extend our reach to over 13.5 million Australians across multiple TV, Radio, Print Media and Social Media.

Kirk shares the positive message that good eye health can help save your sight. Which is why it’s really important that anyone who has a family history of glaucoma or is 50 years or older gets tested every two years. 

Screenshot of Kirk Pengilly appearing on Channel 10Screenshot of Kirk Pengilly appearing on Channel 9