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David Koch
Article by David Koch
David “Kochie” Koch is one of Australia’s best-known personalities, having co-hosted Network Seven’s Sunrise for the past 19 years. He’s also the founder and executive chairman of Pinstripe Media, a specialist small business digital agency. Now, David is supporting the fight against eye disease.

My diagnosis of glaucoma came completely out of the blue and was a real wake-up call about the importance of eye checks. My eyesight has never really changed – I’ve had the same strength glasses for 40 years – so I assumed there was nothing wrong with my eyes. Little did I know I had glaucoma.

What shocked me is that you can have eye disease without knowing it. That’s why it’s so important to take control of your eye health and get your eyes tested. My ophthalmologist said if we hadn’t found the glaucoma when we did, and the pressure hadn’t been reduced, my sight would have been irreparably damaged. 

I’m excited to be an ambassador for Glaucoma Australia and sharing the message to Australians about the importance of having your eyes checked regularly, because most eye disease is preventable if detected early.