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Together we can defeat blindness from glaucoma

Glaucoma Australia carries out our critical work of supporting Australians with glaucoma and reaching the 150,000 people who are completely unaware they have glaucoma.

We could not carry out our critical work without Glaucoma Australia’s team of Orthoptists Educators, volunteers, support group coordinators, fundraisers and our generous glaucoma community, to whom we are extremely grateful. Please join our efforts.

Help change the statistics
2 in 100
Australians will develop glaucoma in their lifetime.
of people with glaucoma remain undetected.
you are more likely to develop glaucoma if a direct relative has it.
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Make a Donation

Your support can increase awareness and early detection rates and provide sight saving help to those already diagnosed with glaucoma.

Your help will support our Mission through:
focus on glaucoma education and awareness across Australia
support of people with glaucoma and their families
education through Glaucoma Australia resources for health practitioners and the community, and through the Glaucoma Australia Orthoptist Educator team
research funding of glaucoma research grants and scholarships
information news and helpful sharing through our regular newsletter Glaucoma News, email, social media and other communications vehicles
detection by driving Australians to get eye health checks through awareness campaigns, such as World Glaucoma Week
Community Stories
Shabnam standing in a vineyard smiling at the camera
Shabnam's story

When I found out that I had glaucoma I was very upset but eventually I accepted it and understood that it’s manageable.

Gregory's story

My Glaucoma was first diagnosed in December 1999 on an OHAS eye test for computer use.

Li-Yen's story

In earlier years when my elder relatives (mother, uncles and aunties) had Glaucoma, it didn't ring a bell for me. 

Guido's story

My oldest brother also had glaucoma but none of my other five siblings.

Wilma's story

I am 90 years old, and I have had glaucoma for 8 years. I have sensitive eyes and I'm unable to go outside in bright sunlight.

Yvonne's story

When I went for my reading glasses the optometrist sent me to the ophthalmologist, who told me I had Glaucoma.

Lesley's story

'You do have glaucoma.' The words I had been dreading. Four words and I feel as if my feet have been swept out from under me.

Share your story

Everyone has a unique glaucoma story. By sharing yours, you can help others dealing with glaucoma find inspiration and hope. If this sounds worthwhile, we'd love to hear from you. By submitting this form, you are stating that you're happy for us to use it in our publications and promotions.

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