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Organise social meet-ups or educational events!

For people with glaucoma, connecting with a community of people who understand what they're going through can make a huge difference. Whether it's meeting others through social catch-ups or attending education events, these gatherings are a great way to learn more about glaucoma, share your personal experiences, and support each other.

You can help facilitate these connections by hosting a casual social catch-up or educational event in your local club or community centre. If you're a health professional, organising a glaucoma education event at your eye clinic is a great way to bring people together.

We have volunteers across Australia who organise these events at date, time, location, and frequency that works for them.

For assistance with organising a speaker or to access promotional and educational materials for your event, please register your details below and we will be in touch to get you started!

Organise a social meet-up at a local cafe
Local Event
Organise a glaucoma education talk at your local club or community centre
Host an educational event at your eye clinic
Four people catching up socially over a cup of coffee
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Hear from our event hosts and supporters
Gaela Hilditch
Photo of Nettie looking at the camera smiling
Shakeeta looking at the camera smiling
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Gaela - Perth Education Event Coordinator

"Our support group meetings bring people out of isolation, you meet people with all kinds of challenges, you have a good laugh and you form friendships, it’s very therapeutic."

Nettie - Volunteer Event Educator

"It is highly beneficial to have educational events conducted in the community as it provides an opportunity to learn more about glaucoma. Additionally, people can ask questions regarding their treatment and also share their experiences which creates a welcoming environment in where people feel open to share their experiences with one another."

Shakeeta - Volunteer Event Educator

"Attending educational events ensures that we understand how glaucoma impacts the everyday lives of patients which is crucial for us as future health professionals."

Adele - Social Event Host

I have hosted two Face 2 Face coffee mornings in Reservoir, so far. It was fantastic to be able to meet others with the same health issues, and be able to chat, face 2 face. I feel glaucoma is a very lonely disease, due to being unseen, so chatting with others is very helpful and encouraging.