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Closeup image of an eye
May 2023
Study Finds Neuron 'Lifeline' for Glaucoma

Researchers have identified a therapeutic target that could lead to more effective treatment of glaucoma. 

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Clinical Trial
Apr 2023
Now Enrolling: A Research Study for Adults with Open-Angle Glaucoma

An opportunity to help further research into treatments for open-angle glaucoma is now open to adults who have been diagnosed with this condition. Volunteers will play an important role in this study by enabling researchers to study the safety and effectiveness of the investigational drug when it is injected into the eye. 

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Image of a smiling child wearing sunglasses
Jan 2023
Researchers Discover Gene Mutation Behind Childhood Glaucoma

Five Australians are among an international team of scientists who have discovered a new gene mutation that may be a root cause of severe cases of childhood glaucoma.

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Older man with his head tilted back instilling eye drops
Nov 2022
Novel Eye Drop Could Protect Retinal Cells

The concept of delivering a drug to protect retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) is not something that is currently done clinically, but as a complement to IOP lowering, may be an important glaucoma management tool.

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Volunteer performing visual field test using a home PC running Melbourne Rapid Fields software
Nov 2022
Positive Results for World-First At Home Glaucoma Monitoring Trial

A 12-month clinical trial to examine the validity of home-monitoring for glaucoma patients using a novel software app has been successfully completed by a team of Australian researchers. 

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Image of a woman with African heritage smiling
Sep 2022
New Research Study Reveals Ethnicity Increases Glaucoma Risk

A recent study from the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai showed that being of African heritage increased the risk of vision loss due to glaucoma. 

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Inage of woman suffering from a migraine with her hands on her temples
Sep 2022
The Clinical Impact of Migraine for the Management of Glaucoma Patients

An invited review of the available literature on migraine and its impact on testing for glaucoma was published in 2016. 

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Dr Ondrejka (right) performs a canaloplasty procedure with the new iTrack Advance device. During the withdrawal of the microcatheter, the scrub nurse (left) titrates the ViscoInjector viscoelastic delivery device to deliver a custom volume of OVD, based on the patient’s pathology.
Aug 2022
iTrack Advance CATALYST Study Launched

The first patient has been enrolled in a prospective, randomised, multicentre study to investigate canaloplasty with the new iTrack Advance CATALYST Study.

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Image of hands holding a bunch of leafy green vegetables
Jul 2022
Diet and Nutritional Supplements: Their Role in Glaucoma

Given the convincing findings from the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) on supplement recommendations in slowing down progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), it is not surprising that the role of diet and supplements has also been examined in glaucoma management.

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