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May 2024

I had been consulting an ophthalmologist locally for 20 years prior to diagnosis in 2012. Another ophthalmologist took over the practice in 2012 and diagnosed advanced glaucoma in both eyes. The diagnosis was such a shock and traumatic!

Clinical Professor Ivan Goldberg AM

Luckily, I was able to see Professor Ivan Goldberg in Sydney, where I have had surgery on my left eye and treatment with drops, and many thorough check-ups and tests on both eyes.

My maternal grandfather was blind with glaucoma and my brother also had it.

I am so thankful to have been treated by the best possible ophthalmologist. Due to the retirement of Professor Goldberg I am now being treated in Melbourne, by a highly recommended ophthalmologist.

I just hope and pray my glaucoma continues to stay stable. No guarantees of course.

It’s difficult as you don’t realise you need a second opinion as there are no symptoms.