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July 2023

I was 25 when I was diagnosed with glaucoma.

The words 'You Are Not Alone' painted in large capital letters on a brick wall

I was an apprentice plumber in my 4th year, I enjoyed going to work everyday and found a lot of fulfilment in helping people get on with their day.

I was seeing a specialist to try and treat it, unfortunately I later made the mature decision to give up the career because of the uncertainty.

Now I am 27, I have just had my 5th surgery on my right eye which has taken its toll on me and my personal life, I am doubtful and willing to accept my vision may not ever be the same again.

I urge anyone who is my age or younger to reach out and not to give up the fight, anything can happen and you are not alone in any of this. I want to raise awareness to people that this can happen at any age and that it does not just happen to old people and you can still lead a fulfilling life with this disease, you are not alone, stay positive.