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March 2021

I had attended an optometrist appointment as I had trouble seeing the digital time on our VCR, at the end of the appointment I was asked if I had ever had a glaucoma check! "Glaucoma? What's that?!" I asked.

The optometrist measured my eye pressures, and they were 33 mmHg. I then asked, "is that good?". "No" he replied.

I was sent off to an eye specialist who I have been seeing every 6 months for 26 years. I am on two drops for both eyes, and apply them day and night. My pressures are regularly 9 and 10 mmHg. I have been lucky, as no vision problems to date. 

I don't know where my glaucoma came from, as both grandmothers died young in their 60's, and my parents did not have glaucoma either. When my own two children go to replace their glasses, they now have a glaucoma test.

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