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June 2017

Sydney based artist, Kate Reilly, has been channelling her passion and talent to help raise funds for Glaucoma Australia.


Kate Reilly is a much awarded paper, silk and textile artisan who works from her home studio in Sydney’s Inner West. Her paintings include both traditional and contemporary styles and her exquisite textiles have been sold in David Jones in Sydney, Georges of Melbourne and Bloomingdale’s New York.

Kate’s diverse career encompasses international work studying Shibori in Japan (2003) and painting with Desidrius Orban from 1978-1986. Kate’s experience further aligns with Glaucoma Australia with her graduate diploma in vision impairment and experience teaching braille.

Kate‘s own diagnosis of glaucoma has led to her generous donation of the Kate Reilly Glaucoma Australia Collection. This collection of beautiful art has helped Glaucoma Australia raise funds which go towards answering concerns and providing strategies to assist those living with glaucoma, as well as towards projects to increase glaucoma awareness. These projects hone in on the need for regular optic nerve checks to diagnose glaucoma before vision is lost, and emphasise glaucoma’s hereditary links.

The 33 beautiful works that make up the Kate Reilly Glaucoma Australia Collection include stunning pieces such as ‘Summer Holidays’, ‘Fields of Lavender’ and ‘Parisienne Café’.

Glaucoma Australia is able to benefit from this beautiful artwork, raising funds through sales on a continual basis. Kate sells the artwork directly, in community settings.

Kate has now designed cards from her original collages as well as from mixed - medium sketches. All proceeds from the sale of collages and cards goes directly towards Glaucoma education and awareness.