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August 2023

In the late 90's I was admitted to the emergency department at a major hospital in Melbourne with a severe headache to the right side of my head and severe pain in my right eye. The pain was so excruciating that my right eyeball felt like it was going to explode.

An emergency department sign outside a large hospital

I was given pain killers and was told I have a cluster headache and was sent home. Over the next 24 years I was admitted to the emergency department at the same hospital for about 10 times. I was also referred to ENT specialists and neurologist. I have had multiple MRIs, CT scans over 24 years and many many prescription pain killers. Also, I endured endless amount of times in pain and suffering that I did not attend hospital and or GP's.

In late 2022 my right eye felt like it was going to explode and due to total false assessments I kept taking my prescription painkillers hoping the pain would recede but to my detriment. The pain was so severe I called my GP and advised me to attend my optometrist and she conducted an eye pressure test and it was extremely high and urged me to attend the Eye and Ear Hospital immediately.

I was admitted with an urgent referral and an eye pressure test was conducted and was told the news I have glaucoma and must perform laser to relieve pressure in the eye which I agreed and pressure started to lower after a while but the damage was done. My right eye is permanently damaged unnecessarily.

The point I am trying to communicate is that early detection is the most critical. I endured 24 years of severe pain and suffering, at least 15 doctors with many misdiagnosis, many many MRIs, CT scans and so so many prescription medications that were completely unnecessary.

Since my correct diagnosis I have not had any eye pain and headaches at all. It is very clear to me that early diagnosis is the key to manage glaucoma and all doctors need better diagnosis education and need to listen to there patients carefully and not "brush them off" as though they do not know what they are talking about. If I broke my arm it can be generally be treated but not a damaged optic nerve as I have found out to my detriment. What do I do now !!,,,If only I had self diagnosed and GOOGLED my condition I would now see !!!!!