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Glaucoma Australia
May 2023

I live in N.S.W and I have primary open-angle glaucoma.

In early 2021, I was diagnosed with macular puckering in both eyes which required a double vitrectomy. This was done in May 2021 and in the post op check up I was told that because of that surgery my cataracts would deteriorate over time, requiring surgery and that I also had raised eye pressure that would require monitoring.

In November 2021, my eye pressure had increased to the extent that eye drops were prescribed. My cataracts were also deteriorating.

In January 2022, my eye drops were changed and this reduced the pressure to an acceptable level. 

By August 2022, my cataracts had deteriorated to the extent that a decision was made to have surgery on them and at the same time have stents in both eyes to relieve the pressure. The surgeries were carried out in September 2022 when both cataracts were replaced with IOL's and 2 iStent inject W devices were inserted in each eye.

Since that operation, my eye pressure has returned to "normal" levels. I can get dry eyes especially before I get out of bed in the morning, however this has not been bad enough to require the moisturising drops I bought "just in case".

I wear prescription glasses at times as when I am tired, I have trouble with the varied focal length of the lenses in each eye.

I am able to drive, read and operate normally.

I would encourage everyone to get regular eye check ups.