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Book Cover: Fighting Glaucoma An Action Handbook

Fighting Glaucoma – An Action Handbook

Ivan Goldberg & Nahum Goldmann

The long term challenges faced by people with glaucoma are numerous and important. With such a diagnosis, you have to balance many life demands, of which eye treatments are essential but by no means alone. After all, you are not living to treat glaucoma: you are living a full life into which the treatment of your condition is an intrusion.

Several books written for patients describe what glaucoma is, how it is being treated, and the state of glaucoma research. We are unaware of a book on how to live with the glaucomas, covering practical challenges frequently faced by those with glaucoma, who wish to minimize risk of visual disability or even blindness.

Copies of this book can be purchased through Kugler Publishers, Amazon, iTunes and the Google PlayStore. Before you read this book you should first read Glaucoma: How to save your sight! by I. Goldberg and R. Susanna Jr.


Glaucoma – How to Save Your Sight

Glaucoma – How to Save Your Sight

Undisturbed, glaucoma blinds people, respecting neither gender, education, wealth nor privilege. There is currently no cure and the damage caused cannot be reversed. Glaucoma is not rare. It is the commonest cause of irreversible and preventable visual disability everywhere. But most of the time we can control it. The earlier glaucoma is diagnosed, the less damage that has been caused, the better the long-term outlook.

Early detection requires informed communities whose members seek eye examinations as well as knowledgeable and appropriately equipped eye health care professionals. Even in developed societies, about 50% of patients with glaucoma have not been diagnosed and are not on treatment. This book by Ivan Goldberg & Remo Susanna Jr. includes quality information to minimise visual disability from glaucoma.


Glaucoma – What Every Patient Should Know

Glaucoma – What Every Patient Should Know

If you or a member of your family has been told that you have glaucoma, or, if you have glaucoma and want to be sure that the treatment you’re receiving is right for you, this patient-oriented guide was designed to answer the many questions you may have. The guide gives authoritative answers, easily understood explanations, helpful suggestions, and life-style advice. All proceeds are donated to glaucoma research.


Fast Facts: Glaucoma

Fast Facts: Glaucoma

Paul R Healey and Ravi Thomas

Glaucoma is the most common neurodegenerative disease and the second most common cause of blindness worldwide after cataract. While the diagnosis of end-stage glaucoma can be made by any physician trained in the use of the ophthalmoscope, it is preferable to diagnose glaucoma at an early stage, when intervention can alter the course of the disease and change the prognosis. Packed with superb illustrations, Fast Facts: Glaucoma is a highly readable practical reference for all medical and eye care practitioners, an aid for students and scientists involved in the study of eye disease and a sound overview for anyone interested in this challenging disease.What is Glaucoma? How can it be detected? How can it be treated? Fast Facts: Glaucoma answers all of these questions.


Glaucoma: Complete Guide book cover

Glaucoma: The Complete Guide

Dr. Tina T. Wong

Through 23 chapters, one of the world's leading experts helps you navigate through glaucoma from diagnosis to the many treatment options in accessible, plain language. This landmark patient handbook stands out as both authoritative and readable. It provides in one place the critical information necessary to help patients with glaucoma.





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