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Dr Jonathon Ng, Ophthalmologist and Surgeon
Article by Dr Jonathon Ng
Ophthalmologist and Surgeon, MBBS BA GradDipClinEpi PhD (Dist) FRANZCO
Dr Jonathon Ng is Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia and currently serves on the Ophthalmology Committees of Glaucoma Australia and the Australian and New Zealand Glaucoma Society.

Dr Ng was a former member of the RANZCO Glaucoma Curriculum Standards Review Panel and the RANZCO Clinical Audit Working Group. Dr Ng is actively engaged in research at the Eye and Vision Epidemiology Research Group and is an investigator on research grants worth more than $2 million and author of 57 peer-reviewed papers. As a comprehensive ophthalmologist with subspecialty glaucoma training, Dr Ng consults with Perth Eye Surgeons in Midland and Geraldton and operates at the Perth Eye Hospital and St John of God Hospitals in Midland and Geraldton.