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image of Dr Benjamin Ashby
Article by Dr Benjamin Ashby
Optometrist, B.Optom (hons) PhD GradCertOcTher
Dr Ashby has practiced optometry and held leadership roles in franchise optometry, private practice, corporate optometry, eye research and education. Glaucoma runs in Ben’s family and as Glaucoma Australia Vice President he is involved in connecting glaucoma patients to their services.

Ben Ashby graduated in Optometry in 1999 from the University of New South Wales. Whilst here, Dr Ashby was the course convenor for the program to endorse optometrists to treat glaucoma. During this time he began his research into eye-drop medications, this has now expanded to investigating systems, processes and technologies that improve glaucoma detection rates.

Dr Ashby is Director of Optometry for Specsavers Australia New Zealand with responsibility for clinical performance, optometry professional development, professional services and the development of clinical systems. He is actively involved in the research, development and implementation of sustainable models of eye care delivery that improve patient outcomes and reduce avoidable blindness. Dr Ashby sits on the Glaucoma Australia council as Optometry Chair, the Optometry Australia glaucoma clinical guidelines working group, Deakin University Optometry Advisory Board, is an Adjunct Lecturer at UNSW and an Honorary Teaching Fellow at the University of Auckland.