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September 2021

In 2004, at 55 yrs of age my local optometrist suspected a problem with my left eye, being especially concerned about my peripheral vision test. I was referred to a specialist in Orange, NSW. When I was shown the “pictures” representing the current loss, I was shocked! Approx 10% loss in the left eye and almost nil in the right. 

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By Sept 2005, the specialist recommended a trabulectomy, because the eye drops did not seem to be controlling the deterioration well enough. After the operation I maintained a routine of drops (3 per eye each day) and I also required a few changes of drops and slow deterioration continued. My check ups were always 6 months apart. 

By 2017, my specialist was very concerned and referred me to another glaucoma specialist in Sydney. It was decided that I would benefit from the insertion of CyPass micro-stents, in both eyes. My cataracts would also be removed during the operations. My own specialist in Orange, performed the operations, 2 weeks apart and just 2 weeks before we headed off to the Kimberleys on a holiday, in 2018! These stents are tiny, 0.6cm and placed just below the surface of the eye to help drain the fluid causing pressure on the optic nerve. 

The difference was immediate and of course the cataract removal was also a big part of the improvement. At 69 years old I no longer needed my glasses for reading, unless the print was extremely tiny and my long distance vision was better, although I have always felt more confident with glasses on, especially for driving. A huge advantage has been the change to only 1 eye drop each evening, for each eye.

During my last check up, my specialist emphasised how lucky I have been that my right eye has not deteriorated as much as the left. I have approx. 37% loss in my left eye and only 9% in the right. 

My children are very aware of my condition and know that they must have regular eye tests, especially the peripheral tests. I know of no other glaucoma in my family, except for my great grandmother, who lost the sight in one of her eyes and perhaps that was through glaucoma?

I may require some laser work in the future, mainly to correct some minor scarring which occurred as a result of the cataract extraction and insertion of intraocular lens. 

Now at nearly 72 yrs, I am extremely grateful for my continued good sight,  the control of my glaucoma and the expertise of my specialist. 

My children are very aware of my condition and know that they must have regular eye tests, especially the peripheral tests...