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Glaucoma Australia
November 2019

As summer approaches and you reach for sunscreen to protect your skin, it's important to also protect your eyes from harmful UV damage.

Lady at beach wearing sunglasses, hat and sunscreen

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) urges Aussies to make eye protection a priority. "UV damage to eyes is a real risk," RANZCO says, and we shouldn’t overlook this important step in sun protection - regardless of the season."

Did You Know 80% Of Children Have UV Damage To Their Eyes By The Age Of 15? 30 per cent of children ages 9-11 have evidence of UV damage to their eyes. By the time children reach age 15, the incidence of UV damage to eyes increases to a whopping 80 per cent, shares Dr Shanel Sharma, paediatric ophthalmologist.

Dr Sharma explains, “The human eye needs to be protected, particularly in childhood at the time when the eye has the least natural defenses. Just like we apply sunblock to our skin and wear a hat to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful UV light, we must also protect the eyes.”

UV Damage Can Sneak Up On You

Too often we think nothing has happened yet, so why worry? Jane C, 59, a patient of Dr Sharma, thought the same. Jane was recently diagnosed with melanoma on her right eye and has now had several surgeries and radiation treatment to treat the melanoma. Jane recalls having a “spot” on her eye nearly 50 year ago, but never thinking much of it. She warns others not to make the same mistake - in any weather - and to take easy precautions now to prevent problems later. Read about what a lifetime of sun can do to your eyes.

What's The Best UV Sun Protection For Eyes?

RANZCO and Dr Sharma suggest sunglasses that have all of these features to protect the eyes:

  • Wrap around design to provide maximum eye coverage
  • UV 400 lenses
  • Polarised lenses
  • Back surface coating


Where To Buy Maximum UV Protection Sunglasses?

Glaucoma Australia now offers BeamersTM sunglasses, designed by Australian Eye Surgeons, which meet all of the RANZCO recommendations and come in age group appropriate sizes. All BeamersTM sunglasses have Optoshield ® Technology for maximum UV protection so babies, toddlers, big kids and adults are safe from the harsh rays of the sun:

1. Wraparound frame design to prevent unfiltered side light from entering the eye

2. Lenses with UV 400 protection filter out UVA and UVB damaging rays

3. Lenses with coatings that do not allow unfiltered light to reflect back into the eye

4. Lenses that filter out polarised light

When you shop with Glaucoma Australia, you are helping to raise money for glaucoma awareness, education, support and research. Beamers sunglasses kindly donate all profits from sals through Glaucoma Australia, so you don't pay any more than buying directly. '