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Your donation can help us support the 300,000 Australians affected by glaucoma, 50% of whom are unaware they have the disease.


  • $28 may give someone recently diagnosed with glaucoma free resources and education to help prevent blindness.
  • $63 may help fund sight saving advice and support from an orthoptist educator on our free support line.
  • $125 may help increase awareness and education about the importance of early detection and ongoing treatment.
  • $250 may help fund ground-breaking research to improve early detection, treatment and quality of life for people with glaucoma.


Donations of $2 and over are fully tax-deductible.


Debra encourages people with glaucoma to keep informed, stay strong and be brace.


Your donation will help us to continue our crucial work of providing free education, advice, resources, events and importantly, support our orthoptist educator team who interact with our glaucoma community every day, by telephone and online.

It will help us to continue awareness campaigns like our recent World Glaucoma Week 2020 activity which reached over 19 million Australians, with potentially sight-saving messages.

The fact remains; if left untreated, glaucoma causes irreversible vision loss and blindness, and the longer it's undetected the greater the loss of sight. The only way to manage it is with ongoing treatment prescribed by a health professional.

Donate online above, call (02) 9411 7722, or print our mail in donation form


Your fully tax deductible donation could save the sight of someone with glaucoma.

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You can also choose to make a regular donation; for example monthly, quarterly or annually. Your credit card will be charged with your selected amount at each period. Donate online above and select the frequency you would like to give, or call (02) 9411 7722.