Glaucoma Australia
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Christmas Cards

Mixed Pack - 9 cards & 10 tags

Consists of 9 'lucky dip' cards and 10 gift tags


Glaucoma Australia Logo Cap

Protection from the sun

Glaucoma Lapel Badge

Wear an owl badge with pride.

Correspondence Cards

Rozelle Interior - Pack of 6 Correspondence Cards

Rozelle Interior by Artist Kate Reilly


DVD - Glaucoma, The Sneak Thief of Sight

Teach yourself to instill eye drops and much more.

Eye Drop Wallet

FRIO Eye Drop Wallet - extra large

Holds up to 6 bottles or 30 vials.

FRIO Eye Drop Wallet - large

Holds up to 4 bottles

FRIO Eye Drop Wallet - small

Holds 1 bottle


2018 Christmas Treasure Trove

$20 a book containing 10 tickets

Soft Toy

Goldie and Quin owl bundle (1 of each)

GOLDIE and QUIN (soft toys) owl bundle

Goldie the Owl

GOLDIE (soft toy)

Quin the Owl

QUIN (soft toy)