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A message from our CEO Annie Gibbins

Glaucoma Events and Presentations


Patient Symposium World Glaucoma Week - March 2020

Featuring the Governor-General, His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) & 

Annie Gibbins CEO of Glaucoma Australia


Congenital Glaucoma Support Group Presentation - March 2020

Featuring Bronwyn Sheldrick, Dr Emmanuelle Souzeau, and Lachlan Knight

Melbourne Support Group Presentation - January 2020

Glaucoma laser treatment talk with Dr Jennifer Fan-Gaskin

Glaucoma follow-up appointment talk with Orthoptist, Kate Stevens

Castle Hill Marsden Eye Specialists Presentation - November 2019​

Orthoptist Anita Noney shares glaucoma eye drop instilling and storage techniques

Dr Ash Agar presents research findings - what glaucoma looks like

John Faulkner shares his experience - living with glaucoma


Patient Education

Why should I keep using my eye drops?

Why should I have regular eye checks for glaucoma?

Why do I need a visual field test?                          

How does the eye specialist determine my follow up time?


Does surgery improve my vision?


If glaucoma can't be cured, why do I need treatment?

Instilling eye drops for glaucoma


Patient Awareness

What is Glaucoma?


What do you wish you knew about glaucoma earlier?

Usually there are no Symptoms?

How did you feel when you were first diagnosed?

Do you worry about going blind?

Can you still watch TV, play sport or drive?

Is testing for glaucoma expensive?


How hard is it to treat and manage glaucoma?


Is Glaucoma hereditary?

Glaucoma doesn't affect young people, does it?

Glaucoma Advances

Glaucoma Advances 6 part video - pt 1 Glaucoma a general overview

Glaucoma Advances 6 part video - pt 2 Optic nerve changes

Glaucoma Advances 6 part video - pt 3 Visual field changes perimetry

Glaucoma Advances 6 part video - pt 4 Glaucoma risk factors and drug treatments

Glaucoma Advances 6 part video - pt 5 Glaucoma surgical treatments

Glaucoma Advances 6 part video - pt 6 Glaucoma current Australian research