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Image of Andrew Voss
Article by Andrew Voss
As a sports commentator and having family members with glaucoma, Andrew understands the importance of regular optic nerve checks. Andrew knows glaucoma runs in families, his mother Lola and her twin sister Enid, both have glaucoma – this means that Andrew has a 22% chance (almost 1 in 4) of developing glaucoma in his

Andrew Voss has his eyes on the game!  When Andrew heard that approximately 300,000 people in Australia have glaucoma but only half of them know about it, he was alarmed.  He also learnt that at any one time 11,000 Australians are blind as a direct result of having glaucoma.  “This is a tragedy that is largely preventable” he said.  “I feel a bit silly, really, that I knew so little about glaucoma but I am fortunate I checked it out early.” 

“Thanks to Glaucoma Australia, I will continue to have regular optic nerve checks and my 3 boys, who also have increased risk, are now aware of it too.”

“Because direct relatives (including brothers, sisters and children) of people with glaucoma are ten times more likely than the general community to develop glaucoma at some stage, it stands to reason that a great number of the 50% not yet diagnosed would already have glaucoma in their family.  That is why it is so important for close relative to have regular optic nerve checks as part of a comprehensive eye test.”