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Is there anything I can do in my life to treat or prevent glaucoma?

August 2018 - Intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering is the primary focus of glaucoma management. However, many patients often want to know what else they can do to reduce their glaucoma risk or help control their disease. This article contains a summary of lifestyle and dietary factors that may be beneficial for some patients with glaucoma. It is vital to remember that the following dietary advice is to be used along with your usual glaucoma therapy, not instead of it. 


Glaucoma Australia launches a new patient support journey 

July 2018 - Glaucoma Australia is delighted to announce the launch of its new patient support journey. In consultation with the eye care industry Glaucoma Australia has developed a new intervention and education program designed to increase adherence and reduce vision loss.


TARRGET Study Aims to Improve Glaucoma Detection

June 2018 - Pending the discovery of the other glaucoma genes, the major ‘genetics’ tool in identifying individuals with a high risk of glaucoma is a known family history of glaucoma.


Glaucoma Research: A Year of Progress

May 2018 - Greater knowledge of disease risk factors, new approaches to detection and monitoring and innovative treatments are positively impacting glaucoma outcomes.


Managing Glaucoma in Regional & Remote Australia

May 2018 - It takes a collaborative effort supported by strong protocols, to provide the gold standard of glaucoma care that patients living in regional and remote Australia deserve. Opthamollogist A/Prof. John Landers tells about the procedures he's put into place in Port Lincoln, South Australia to manage his ever-growing number of patients.


Harnessing Technology for Better Outcomes in Glaucoma

May 2018 - With no community-wide screening program in place, Australia and New Zealand rely on opportunistic screening to increase detection and reduce progression of glaucoma. As the incidence of this 'sneak thief of sight' continues to escalate, it's a job that requires the commitment of optometrists and opthalmologists, supported by increasingly sophisticated technology


Patient Centred Treatment Management

May 2018 - Patients value clinicians who listen to their concerns and fears, counsel them about their disease and its treatment options, and establish a quality long-term therapeutic relationship.


Big Hopes for Humble Vitamin B3

April 2018 - Could an over-the-counter vitamin B3 supplement be the key to treating one of the biggest causes of irreversible vision loss in the world? Researchers from the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) in Melbourne are conducting a world-first human trial to see if vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) can help slow glaucoma.


XEN Gelatin: Evolution of a new Glaucoma Surgery

March 2018 - Australian ophthalmologists and researchers have made significant inroads into managing glaucoma. Professor William Morgan from Lions Eye Institute, University of Western Australia, was integral to the development of a microfistula tube, now known as the 'XEN gelatin' implant. 

The Glaucoma Issue

March 2018 - Guiding and informing people who are being treated for glaucoma has a positive impact: adherence rates double with the knowledge of two facts: glaucoma can blind and treatment can save sight.