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20,000 Volunteers Needed for Genetics of Glaucoma Study

January 2020 - Australian researchers have identified 107 genes that increase a person’s risk of developing glaucoma, and have developed a genetic test to detect those at risk of going blind from it. They are now hoping to recruit 20,000 people who have been diagnosed with glaucoma or have family history of glaucoma to join their Genetics of Glaucoma Study.


Field Vision Testing Advances – SITA Faster

January 2020 - ZEISS has recently announced the release of a new testing strategy on the Humphrey Field Analyser called SITA Faster. The SITA or Swedish Interactive Threshold Algorithm software projects the spots of light according to the responses from the patient in order to show the clinician which areas of the visual field are normal and where there is vision loss.


Public funding for standalone MIGS procedures a step closer

December 2019 - Government advisors have recommended minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) should be publicly funded as a standalone procedure, following extensive campaigning from Australia’s ophthalmic community.


Correlation found between air pollution and glaucoma 

December 2019- A large UK study has linked air pollution to increased rates of glaucoma, adding to a growing body of evidence suggesting environmental factors might add to development and progression of the disease.


Phantom vision: Common but neglected

December 2019 - It is currently estimated that approximately 40% of all those who acquire vision loss will develop Charles Bonnet Syndrome.


What a lifetime of sun can do to your eyes

 December 2019 - Did you know that it’s important to protect your eyes all year round from ultraviolet (UV) light? A lifetime of sun can affect eye health & vision.


How to be EYE sun smart for summer

December 2019 - 80% of children have UV damage to their eyes by 15 years old. It’s a real risk at any age. We use sunblock and wear hats, but how do we protect our eyes?


Glaucoma Australia officially received by the Governor-General

November 2019 - Associate Professor Simon Skalicky, and our CEO, Annie Gibbons, extended immense gratitude to His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), and to our Ambassador Aussie rock star Kirk Pengilly for joining our fight against glaucoma.



How does air travel affect glaucoma?

November 2019 - You may be wondering about the affects of flying on eye pressure, or if it’s ok to fly with high eye pressure. Air travel is usually safe for people with glaucoma, and there are tips for managing it while you travel.


My Glaucoma Story - Warren

November 2019 - I had never heard of glaucoma until eight years ago when I broke my glasses and the insurance company referred me to my optometrist. After the general exam for eye sight correction I was tested for glaucoma.