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Reducing Glaucoma’s Burden for Improved Quality of Life

May 2020 - Health-related quality of life is an assessment of how an individual’s wellbeing may be affected over time by a disease, disability or disorder.

Good Vision Given a $400,000 Boost

May 2020 - Optometry Australia has received a $400,000 Government grant to be used to promote optometry and community eye health under the 'Good Vision for Life' consumer brand. 


Making Collaborative Care a Reality

May 2020 - Collaborative care between optometrists and ophthalmologists provides the opportunity to detect disease in a timely manner, ensure appropriate monitoring and review systems are in place and, above all else, prioritise patient-focused care and treatment.


AI detects glaucoma progression 18 months ahead of current methods

May 2020 - A new test can detect glaucoma progression 18 months earlier than the current gold standard method. The technology, supported by an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, could help accelerate clinical trials, and eventually may be used in detection and diagnostics.


Study shows glaucoma could be treated with a single eye injection

May 2020 - A new study led by the University of Bristol in the UK has shown glaucoma could be successfully treated with a single injection using gene therapy, which would improve treatment options, effectiveness and quality of life.


Don’t Drop your eye-health in Ramadan

April 2020 - Eye drops are essential to treat your glaucoma and stopping them without consultation with your doctor can lead to unwanted eye pressure increase and further optic nerve damage which cannot be reversed.


RANZCO Ready and Waiting for Return of Elective Surgeries

April 2020 - The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) has welcomed the announcement by the Australian Minister for Health, Hon. Greg Hunt, that elective surgery is likely to recommence soon.


Vision Australia Tele-health Services to Support Clients Through COVID-19

April 2020 - Vision Australia has launched a comprehensive tele-health service to ensure the needs of all clients are met while its face-to-face service is temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


MIGS Approved as Standalone Procedure

April 2020 - The long-awaited new Medicare Benefits Schedule item for minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) as a standalone procedure for patients with open-angle glaucoma has been approved.


University of Melbourne Visual Field Testing Survey

March 2020 - For the future developments in visual field testing, the University of Melbourne is surveying people who regularly undergo visual field testing to understand their experience.