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GA Announces New President - Associate Professor Simon Skalicky

September 2019 - Glaucoma Australia is pleased to announce Associate Professor Simon Skalicky is assuming the role of President of Glaucoma Australia, and celebrates the achievements of outgoing President Mr Ron Spithill, OAM.


Medication-Induced Glaucoma

September 2019 - This article looks at those medications that we take for other health conditions and their role in elevating the eye pressure, which may eventually lead to glaucoma. Most medications are safe in glaucoma, but there are some to be mindful of. If you have any concerns about the medications you are taking or about to start, then speak to your ophthalmologist.



Glaucoma Australia's patient referral response pathway is expanding

August 2019 - Since its launch in June last year, Glaucoma Australia’s Referral Response Pathway has been rapidly expanding, with over 4000 new patients joining the new Patient Support Journey and more than 40 health educators responding to patient calls.



End of financial year appeal helps to raise vital funds for Glaucoma Australia’s support service

August 2019 - A big thank you to our generous donors for supporting our mission to save sight during our Annual Appeal. With your contribution, we are able to raise vital funds to support those struggling with glaucoma.


Victorian Support Group and Information Night

August 2019 - Last month Glaucoma Australia held a support group and information night at the South Eastern Eye Surgery In Victoria. The event featured guest speaker Dr Vinithra (Vini) Kumar from the South Eastern Eye Surgery and Orthoptist, Natalia Kelly from Vision Matters.


IBM applies AI to predict glaucoma visual field test results

August 2019- Scientists from IBM Research and New York University (NYU) have developed a novel, fast and non-invasive method of performing glaucoma visual field tests using artificial intelligence (AI) trained on retinal imaging data.


Glaucoma Australia's Patient Symposium recap

July 2019 - Earlier this year Glaucoma Australia held the Patient Symposium at the 8th World Glaucoma Congress in Melbourne. Here's a recap of some of the highlights from the Patient Symposium.


'Organ-on-a-chip' designed to speed up glaucoma research

July 2019 - Researchers have created a novel ‘organ-on-a-chip’ device that has potential applications in the field of glaucoma diagnosis.



Our tears could one day be used to detect glaucoma

June 2019 - A new research project examining the proteins that circulate in the eye’s fluids has the potential to pave the way for a test to diagnose glaucoma that doesn’t rely on intraocular pressure.


Glaucoma Management: The Next 15 Years

June 2019 - This is what we can realistically expect from the next 10–15 years in terms of our knowledge of, and ability to diagnose and manage, glaucoma.