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First accurate images of glaucoma-related eye structure taken by adapting telescope technology


October 2019 - Researchers have taken the first undistorted microscopic images of a part of the eye involved in glaucoma, by adapting telescope technology.


Allergan Voluntary Recall XEN® Glaucoma Gel Implant 

November 2019 - Allergan Australia Pty Ltd is voluntarily recalling all lots of XEN® Glaucoma Treatment System in Australia & New Zealand as part of a global recall.


Glaucoma patients are now easier to find 

October 2019 - For glaucoma suspects and those at the very early stages of glaucoma, the visual field test may not show any peripheral field damage; however the measurements from the OCT can detect early signs. GA therefore welcomes the widespread uptake of OCT across the optometric sector.


Targeted screening for the greatest impact

November 2019 - This article addresses OCT screening in clinical practice. Should it be applied en masse; that is for the indiscriminate, opportunistic screening of all patients presenting for an eye examination? Or alternatively, in a more judicious, targeted manner as a supplementary, diagnostic procedure?



OCT - We can learn more about this powerful tool

November 2019 - During the past decade and a half OCT has evolved from a research tool into something that is widely and routinely used by ophthalmologists and optometrists. The capability of OCT to diagnose and monitor ocular conditions has improved considerably. Machines have also become more user-friendly and affordable.


Glaucoma Australia announces Governor-General as new Patron

October 2019 - The Governor-General will serve as Patron of Glaucoma Australia, promoting the organisation, its mission to eliminate glaucoma blindness, and the patient centred services it provides.


What are Short and Long term effects of Peripheral Iridotomy (PI) laser?

October 2019 - Read this assessment of the effects of the LPI procedure, used in treatment of primary angle closure disease.


Aussie researchers put Zeiss SITA algorithms under the microscope

October 2019 - Australian research comparing Carl Zeiss’ SITA-Standard and SITA-Faster algorithms has concluded the latter saves time and is just as accurate when testing glaucoma patients, despite producing a higher rate of false-positive results.


After she was born we noticed her eyes were cloudy

October 2019 - The journey through childhood glaucoma can be a stressful & difficult one, especially during the initial stage. Hear Kitt’s congenital glaucoma story.


Glaucoma Australia Announces New Research Grant Recipients

10 October 2019 - Glaucoma Australia is delighted to announce research grants have been awarded to Dr George Kong, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital and Professor Jamie Craig, Flinders University.