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Indian doctors find meditation helps treat glaucoma

December 2018 - Meditation can help lower eye pressure in glaucoma sufferers, according to an Indian study claiming to have revealed the most comprehensive link between the two. However, they stressed “patients must not stop using glaucoma medications and must regularly follow up and get their eye check-up done at least once a year by a qualified eye specialist.”


Allergan supports Glaucoma Australia with 3-year sponsorship

November 2018 - Allergan Australia and Glaucoma Australia are pleased to announce a platinum sponsorship agreement that represents funding support of AU$300,000 for the charity over a three year period. The focus for the partnership will be on early detection and treatment adherence to help prevent irreversible blindness and boosting education and support available to existing patients.


Volunteers sought for new visual field study 

November 2018 - A new research study that focuses on developing improved methods of testing for visual field damage due to glaucoma is being undertaken by researchers at the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, University of Melbourne.


George & Matilda, IBM Collaborate on AI for Glaucoma 

November 2018 - George and Matilda Eyecare and IBM Research Australia will work together to determine how retinal fundus photos, optical coherence tomography (OCT) images, and AI algorithms can be used to inform and potentially help guide practitioners in detecting glaucoma.


Australian tech could end need for daily eye drops

October 2018 - A clinical-stage Australian biotechnology company, PolyActiva, has recruited patients into its Phase I clinical trial for a new ocular implant that could improve the daily lives of millions of glaucoma patients.


Road to recovery: Eye drop use after eye surgery

October 2018 - ALL eye surgery no matter how minor or invasive, increases the risk of infection in the eye and can also cause swelling or inflammation at and around the site of the surgery. Eye drops are therefore prescribed by the operating surgeon to help reduce the risk of infection and inflammation of the eye.


Protect your vision this World Sight Day

October 2018 - Approximately 90% of blindness and vision impairment is preventable or treatable if it’s detected early enough, so Vision 2020 Australia is reminding all Australians to use World Sight Day on Thursday 11 October as a reminder to have their eyes checked.


Cypass Withdrawal 

September 2018 - Alcon, the manufacturer of CyPass, has voluntarily withdrawn the micro-stent device from sale as a precaution, pending further investigations. 


Management of glaucoma in pregnancy and lactation

August 2018 - Appropriate management of the pregnant woman at risk of, or with diagnosed glaucoma requires a balance between the treatment’s risk to the fetus and the risk to the mother if treatment is reduced or suspended.


Is there anything I can do in my life to treat or prevent glaucoma?

August 2018 - Intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering is the primary focus of glaucoma management. However, many patients often want to know what else they can do to reduce their glaucoma risk or help control their disease. This article contains a summary of lifestyle and dietary factors that may be beneficial for some patients with glaucoma. It is vital to remember that the following dietary advice is to be used along with your usual glaucoma therapy, not instead of it.