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October 2021

Pharmacists play a key role in supporting glaucoma patients, these patients rely on their pharmacist to ensure they maximise the benefits from their medications. PharmaPrograms is an Australian organisation that prides itself on advancing pharmacy practice, by facilitating innovative professional service programs for pharmacies. PharmaPrograms initiatives are designed to support optimal medication usage and adherence that improve health outcomes.

Image of smiling pharmacist standing in front of shelves with medication

Glaucoma Australia is dedicated to providing sight saving education, support and advocacy to people with glaucoma and their families. Glaucoma Australia CEO Annie Gibbins says, “We know there are at least 300,000 Australians across the country with glaucoma, with half of those people yet to be diagnosed. Of the 150,000 on treatment, half are not fully adherent to therapy.”

PharmaPrograms are proud to be working with Glaucoma Australia on a new initiative where pharmacies can register their patients to the Glaucoma Patient Support Initiative, where they will receive ongoing education and support throughout their life journey of living with glaucoma.

The more patients understand about chronic diseases such as glaucoma, the more likely they remain adherent to their medication therapy. Medication adherence rates of patients enrolled in this initiative have more than doubled those that are unenrolled, approximately increasing from 40% to 88%.

We are asking pharmacists to incorporate this initiative into their not-for-profit support activity. Whilst there is no professional service remuneration associated with this initiative, given the increase in the medical adherence rates, it is in the pharmacies best interest to register as many of their glaucoma patients as possible.

If pharmacies have any queries regarding registering their patients to this initiative, they can contact PharmaPrograms on 1300 377 781 (9am – 5pm AEST, Monday – Friday) or email


Annie Gibbins Glaucoma Australia – CEO
1800 500 880

Kos Sclavos AM PharmaPrograms – Systems Architect