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What is the difference between an Optometrist and an Ophthalmologist?

Learn what the difference is between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist and the eye health care they provide.


New research: exercise may reduce risk of glaucoma

Moderate intensity exercise appears to be safe and likely beneficial for most people, including glaucoma patients. Patients with glaucoma, especially normal tension, or advanced disease, may be at risk of further optic nerve injury with the pressure fluctuations of strenuous exercise, and should have a personalised exercise plan with their ophthalmologist and health care team. 



Does Gingko Biloba have a role in the treatment of glaucoma?

There is evidence both in animal models and in humans that Ginkgo is a beneficial treatment for glaucoma. 


Vision aids: helping you to read again

Increasingly people are turning to Vision Aids to help them continue to live independently and to keep on doing a wide range of daily living activities.


Is the visual field test necessary?

Although it is a subjective test that many patients do not particularly enjoy, it is the standard test for assessing vision loss.  The information received from this test is vital for diagnosis and affects how your eye care practitioner treats and manages the glaucoma. 


Families and glaucoma 

Educating people with glaucoma about the hereditary nature of the disease means they can encourage their first degree relatives to have an eye exam. With early detection and treatment you can delay or halt the progression of glaucoma.


Should you consider natural remedies for glaucoma?

When looking at alternative and complementary therapies it is important not to disregard mainstream treatment.


OrCam MyEye

Enables those with visual impairment to hear any text appearing on any surface, recognize faces, identify supermarket products and money notes - OrCam MyEye gives independence.


The wait is over! A new contact lens measures glucose and intraocular pressure continuously

This development is great news for people who have diabetes and/or glaucoma, as glucose levels in tears and intraocular pressure can be measured continuously.


A Guide to Sunglasses

Are sunglasses useful for people with glaucoma? Why do we notice glare? How do I choose the best sunglasses?