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Charity work gives to others and gives back  

Volunteering for charity work is a great way to help others and to express gratitude, a key aspect of our own happiness and well-being.

The possibility of losing sight is an everyday reality for people with glaucoma, driving many who’s lives have been touched by glaucoma in some way, to want to help others living with the disease, and the people not yet detected.

There are many ways to volunteer at Glaucoma Australia, from assisting with our mail-outs and newsletters, running our support groups, preparing merchandise orders, to providing orthoptist expertise, or corporate skills with our business projects.

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Let us know if you would like to volunteer your time and/or particular skills, or get more information.

Gaela Hilditch
Tony Bourke
Dan Nguyen
Margaret Tanner

'People often don’t realise you can get glaucoma from eye trauma.'

Ms Hilditch, now a Glaucoma Australia volunteer and support group coordinator, said an estimated 300,000 Australians have glaucoma – a disease where vision is lost due to optic nerve damage.

While many older Australians suffer with the condition, Ms Hilditch knows all too well glaucoma doesn’t discriminate.


Tony has been volunteering for Glaucoma Australia since 2002. After retiring from his busy job as a Warehouse Manager, Tony was looking to continue to be productive while at the same time wanting to help out in his community.

Tony told us that he had lived with glaucoma since 1988 and is a Glaucoma Australia “Giver of Hope.” He knows that a gift in his Will, can help others see into the future.


'Growing up, I always aspired to volunteer my time to a cause that I was passionate about. Volunteering is a truely rewarding experience and I look forward to continuing to assist as much as I can.'

'I enjoy working for Glaucoma Australia as it gives me a deeper understanding of what people are going through. The support pages are extremely eye opening and it has motivated me to want to spread further awareness of the disease.'


'The most rewarding part about volunteering with Glaucoma Australia is being able to support patients who are anxious and uncertain about their specialist referral or recent diagnosis. It's great that I can also do it at my own pace and volunteer around my University schedule.'

'I hope this helps encourage other volunteers!'


Margaret, one of our most beloved volunteers, who recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Margaret has been a volunteer at Glaucoma Australia for 18 years. She enjoys volunteering for companionship and variety in her routine. She puts together welcome kits for people with glaucoma, and writes receipts and thank you notes to donors and supporters.


'As a clinical orthoptist with an interest in glaucoma, volunteering with GA as an educator has enabled me to apply my knowledge, create awareness and teach the general public about this irreversible disease.'

'Unlike a busy private practice, there are no time constraints for patient contact over the phone and I can take time, one on one to identify and address any issues the patient may have about glaucoma.'

'I'd recommend any orthoptists or optometrist to get on board with Glaucoma Australia and help out in any way they can. The gratitude and appreciation the general public express makes it all worthwhile!'


'Volunteering with Glaucoma Australia has enabled me to give back to the community in a way I never thought possible. Being able to work directly with patients to provide support and promote awareness is something I value wholeheartedly.'

'I would highly recommend volunteering with Glaucoma Australia as it provides a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the community without taking away from the commitments of everyday life.'