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Russell M“After 20 years of successful treatment I am thankful my glaucoma is well-managed and my vision is fine. I know my family may also be at risk. With the help of Glaucoma Australia I feel secure knowing they have the information and support they may need for their future protection. Help families like mine ‘have the conversation’ about glaucoma.” Russell M.

When Russell was first diagnosed he became a Glaucoma Australia Friend and Supporter, learning all he could about glaucoma. Glaucoma Australia provided clear and accessible information that helped reassure him about the condition. He also valued the support of a friendly chat with someone who shared his experience. In turn he was confident about ‘having the conversation’ with his family.

Russell’s early diagnosis and careful monitoring has minimised potential damage to his vision. Glaucoma generally has no warning signs and is usually discovered through a routine eye examination. Early detection through regular eye testing is vital for maintaining vision.

Help Glaucoma Australia offer hope for the future by supporting its important work- promoting awareness, funding Australian glaucoma research, providing information and support networks for people like Russell and their families.

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Your donation helps people with glaucoma

$25 ensures information is provided, to answer concerns about living with glaucoma

$50 assists to answer calls for information and provide emotional support

$100 helps to increase community awareness of glaucoma as a potentially blinding eye disease and the need for regular optic nerve checks

$500 funds Australian glaucoma research



World Glaucoma Week is held in March each year to increase awareness about glaucoma.


2017 World Glaucoma Week

World Glaucoma Week was held 12 - 18 March, 2017.

If you have glaucoma, inform your family:

  • They have an increased risk (up to 10 times higher than the general population) and
  • Their best protection is to have a regular and comprehensive eye check that includes a review of their optic nerves. This is more than just an eye pressure test.

You can register anytime to fund-raise for World Glaucoma Week at

Funds raised will help Glaucoma Australia to conduct Wolrd Glaucoma Week activities to save sight. 

Click here to listen to Dr John D’Arcy and A/Prof. Andrew White talk about glaucoma.


2016 World Glaucoma Week

World Glaucoma Week was held on 6 – 12 March, 2016.

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2015 World Glaucoma Week

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