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You can be a supporter of Glaucoma Australia and raise funds through building your own personal Just Giving fundraising page. It only takes a few minutes to set up, is easy to use and will help fund our work.

Whether you are:

· taking part in an event such as a marathon or charity bike ride,

· paying tribute to a loved one by raising money in their honour,

· celebrating an occasion and collecting donations rather than gifts, or

· doing your own unique fundraiser,

JustGiving provides fundraisers like you with the technology you need to raise more and change more lives.

With JustGiving you can raise money for Glaucoma Australia and share your appeal on social media in just minutes. As a fundraiser, it costs you nothing to set up a page and anyone can make donations and leave a message of support to assist you. Donations are tallied and displayed in the fundraising page metre for everyone to see. Donations are also automatically processed and transferred to Glaucoma Australia.

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Jen’s Bake, Raffle and Goal!

Jen’s passion to focus her fundraising efforts towards eliminating glaucoma blindness stemmed from her husband’s journey with glaucoma.


The Kate Reilly Glaucoma Australia Collection

Sydney based artist, Kate Reilly, has been channeling her passion and talent to help raise funds for Glaucoma Australia.


Alice and Miguel’s Spring Dance

Alice and Miguel Martin hosted a fundraising Spring Dance for Glaucoma Australia’s Awareness Activities.