Entertainment Membership

 Support Glaucoma Australia Fundraising

Purchase your NEW Entertainment Membership today!

You can now purchase your Entertainment Membership anytime. 

Entertainment is now 100% digital. New memberships will last for 12 months from the day they start. No more June expiry.

  • Use it from your device (up to 5 devices per membership)
  • No more lugging around the book, and environmentally responsible
  • Easy search access to thousands of offers near you
  • Something for everyone with the gift of choice
  • Easy gifting - delivered to your inbox ready to give to someone special
There are now 3 new memberships from which to choose:
  • Single City 
  • Multi City (formerly Explorer) 
  • Multi Plus

You’ll receive up to $20,000 worth of value. New offers are regularly added for more value all year round. 

Not only will you receive up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers at many of the best restaurants, hotels and attractions in your area, but you’ll be supporting us to eliminate glaucoma blindness. 

Order your new Entertainment™ Digital Membership from us today, and 20% of your Membership contributes towards our fundraising!