The B.I.G Breakfast - World Glaucoma Week 2018

The B.I.G BreakfastGet involved in World Glaucoma Week 2018 by hosting a B.I.G Breakfast and help Beat Invisible Glaucoma.

If you have glaucoma – one way you can help reduce vision loss from glaucoma is to make sure your first-degree relatives understand that they are also at risk and should have a comprehensive eye exam. Host a B.I.G Breakfast and have a conversation with your family about glaucoma.







How can you get involved?

  1. Register your B.I.G. Breakfast (or other event) and receive your FREE host pack.

  2. Invite your direct relatives, family and friends to attend your event

  3. Use your event as an opportunity to:

    • Provide a B.I.G Breakfast Passport to each attendee
    • Share your glaucoma story and help save sight
    • Explain the increased risk to family members who may inherit glaucoma
    • Inform them about the importance of early detection, treatment and support

  4. Encourage your family to have a comprehensive eye exam by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist from age 40 (with family history) or 50 (no family history) and every 2 years ongoing

  5. Encourage your family and friends to subscribe to our FREE Glaucoma eNews for ongoing education and support. Click on the subscribe button at the bottom of this page.

  6. Raise funds for glaucoma awareness, detection, diagnosis, support and research. Any funds raised can be donated here.

  7. Post a picture or short video of your event on our Facebook page
    #WGW2018 #GlaucomaAware #GlaucomaAustralia or email

  8. Ask your direct relatives, family and friends to return post their completed B.I.G Breakfast Passport to Glaucoma Australia to be in the running for a prize

Fast Facts

  • 300,000 Australians have Glaucoma, but tragically, half are unaware they have the disease and therefore suffer preventable but irreversible blindness

  • Detection, diagnosis, treatment and support are vital to saving the sight of 150,000 Australians

  • The risk of Glaucoma increases 10-fold in families. Prevalence 2.3% > 23%

  • First degree relatives of a person with Glaucoma have an almost 1 in 4 chance of developing Glaucoma in their lifetime

  • The recent Flinders University TARRGET study suggests it could be as high as 50%.



Once you have collected your donations you can bank them online, or by phone, fax or mail.