Leaving a Charitable Bequest

Planning an Estate not only allows for the provision of family and other loved ones but also provides the opportunity to leave a gift to charity.

A charitable bequest enables the causes you respect to continue their vital work. For many years Glaucoma Australia has been giving HOPE for a clear bright future by


You can become a Giver of Hope by generously leaving a gift to Glaucoma Australia, in your Will.

The following are stories from people who have decided to leave a bequest to Glaucoma Australia – to become a Giver of Hope. If you would like further information about leaving a charitable gift in your Will, please click here to download a printable Bequest Form which can be used in discussion with your legal advisor. 

Glaucoma Australia aims to eliminate glaucoma blindness, through awareness, education and support. Bequests support us and enable Glaucoma Australia to continue its vital work.

Tony’s story: a Glaucoma Australia ‘Giver of Hope’

Tony - a Giver of HopeTony has been volunteering for Glaucoma Australia since 2002. After retiring from his busy job as a Warehouse Manager, Tony was looking to continue to be productive while at the same time wanting to help out in his community. Due to a family history of Glaucoma, his GP had recommended that he have an optic nerve check, this led to Tony’s diagnosis of glaucoma. He thought that Glaucoma Australia would be an ideal place for him to learn more about his condition and to help with the Association’s Mission: To eliminate glaucoma blindness.

Tony has always helped out as a volunteer with packaging and parcelling and for many years has ensured that educational material, merchandise and Christmas cards have reached their destinations in good order and on time.
Tony told us that he had lived with glaucoma since 1988 and said, “I have needed cataract surgery, two glaucoma laser surgery procedures and an emergency trabeculectomy. Glaucoma Australia has educated and encouraged me throughout the years and to leave a gift in my Will is how I have decided to help everyone beat invisible glaucoma!”

Tony is a Glaucoma Australia “Giver of Hope.” He knows that a gift in his Will, can help others see into the future.

Veronica’s story: a Glaucoma Australia ‘Giver of Hope’

Diagnosed at 58 years old, Veronica, from the Blue Mountains in NSW, was not aware of a family history of glaucoma but recalls that a couple of her aunts seemed to have ‘eye problems’. As time went on a brother and a sister were also diagnosed which meant that glaucoma now affected three out of the five siblings. Together with her sister, Veronica responded to an invitation from the Australian and New Zealand Registry of Advanced Glaucoma to contribute to their long-term study of people with advanced glaucoma and its genetic relationship.

Now in her eighties, Veronica says that although she has ‘lost a good bit of sight’ she is actively involved in her community and enjoys her volunteer work. She is very happy with the treatment she received at Sydney Eye Hospital, and speaks highly of her past and current ophthalmologist, whom she visits in Parramatta.

Neither Veronica’s son nor daughter, now in their early 50s, has glaucoma but both are aware of the importance of regular optic nerve checks.

“I am very pleased to be able to assist Glaucoma Australia and their good work by leaving a bequest - and I love the newsletter!” said Veronica.



Some leave a nominated percentage of their Estate while others prefer to leave the residue of their Estate after the needs of family and friends have been met. Some specify a dollar amount or leave items such as shares, jewellery or a work of art.

You do not have to make a new will to leave a gift to Glaucoma Australia. You may add a codicil which is a supplement or addition to your existing Will.

Your bequest will support Glaucoma Australia to fulfil its Mission to eliminate glaucoma blindness.