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Glaucoma Now is a 12 to 16-page, newsletter-format, enduring material published two times each year. Each issue has a major theme. Within each issue there are four sections, each of which treats some aspect of the theme in a predefined way.

  1. The "Special Focus" is a major review that outlines the expert consensus on the topic area, bringing together research findings and the judgement of highly regarded clinical scientists
  2. A "What's new" examines research directions and the latest findings in the theme area.
  3. A section called "Clinical Issues" relates research to clinical practice.
  4. The last section, "Practical Tips" describes related techniques or procedures in sufficient detail to allow its immediate adoption in the clinic.

Each issue also includes a list of multiple choice questions related to the contents of the 4 sections. 


Issue 2 - 2019 Glaucoma: Impact of Disease


Special Focus: Burden of glaucoma: impact of disease, impact of treatment, societal impact, compliance and adherence issues

What's New: Prevention of glaucoma: screening, planning resource use

Clinical Issues: Glaucoma Management: burden of non-adherence

Practical Tips: Improving patient centered care: means for compliance and adherence



Cover - Glaucoma Now Issue 2 - 2019

Latest Issues

Access the latest issue of Glaucoma Now. Each issue focuses on a major theme and is split into four sections: Special Focus, What's New, Clinical Issues and Practical Tips.


Based on the information found in each electronic issue, we offer an associated e-learning course. Individual issues of Glaucoma Now are accredited for Continuing Medical Education (CME).

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Our goal is to educate and update general ophthalmologists, glaucoma specialists and ophthalmology residents. Learn more about our publication, guidelines for authors and our editorial board.

Editorial Board

Ivan Goldberg MD, FRANZCO, FRACS, Sydney Eye Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Remo Susanna Jr MD, Department of Ophthalmology, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil