Study Summary

To investigate the impact of education regarding SLT for patients with glaucoma about to be treated with SLT, whilst also determining success rates of SLT, IOP reduction and factors predictive for that success. 

Glaucoma Australia, the peak advocacy body in Australia for people with glaucoma, will provide educational and other supportive services via telephone-based SLT discussions regarding aspects of glaucoma treatment, including a detailed explanation of SLT. The objective of this session is to educate and empower patients to make correct treatment decisions regarding their condition, as well as reduce treatment-related anxiety and discomfort. This service is complementary to the clinical services provided by their treating health practitioners. At the same time the clinician records pre and post-clinical data, to determine factors predictive for a successful SLT clinical outcome. 

The information provided by GA and the data provided by the clinician may have a role in clarifying the procedure, risks and benefits of SLT, in complement to clinical services provided by Ophthalmologists. 

The eligibility criteria are: 

  • age > 30; open angle glaucoma in one or both eyes (based on characteristic optic disc changes or glaucomatous visual field loss);
  • the ability to speak, read and comprehend English fluently or have the service of a valid interpreter;
  • to be booked for treatment with SLT in one or both eyes. Patients with ocular surgery in the past 2 months will be excluded. Patients who have previously been treated with SLT in either eye will be excluded. If patients are booked for multiple SLT laser treatments (e.g. to each eye), then only the first laser treatment will be included for the study. 

For consistency of data, general treatment patterns of SLT will be collected for each participating Ophthalmologist 

The treating Ophthalmologist will explain the nature of this study and the services provided by G.A, provide the patient information sheet and obtain signed consent. The benefits of being involved in this study will be explained to patients:

  1. Automatic access to a telephone information service by trained professionals regarding many aspects of glaucoma treatment with SLT;
  2. Contributing to scientific knowledge to improve management strategies for patients with glaucoma and
  3. Contributing to Glaucoma Australia’s self-evaluation in efforts to promote and improve the service it provides in Australia.

Patients are to be made fully aware that all participation is voluntary and they are free to decline, which will not influence the nature of the treatment or care they currently or subsequently will receive. The information will not be passed on to their treating Ophthalmologist. 

Participants will be randomised into two groups: those who receive the telephone-based patient education regarding SLT from Glaucoma Australia, and those who do not. 

Group 1 will be offered telephone based information by GA staff prior to the SLT treatment.  

Group 2 will receive the standard health information from their treating physician at time of diagnosis. They will be free to access Glaucoma Australia for further information and directed to other information resources (e.g. books, websites) where appropriate after the study and at any time during the study. 

Two weeks following SLT the patients from either group will be contacted by GA and asked questions relating to their laser experience, understanding of the procedure and the disease, symptoms relating to the recent laser and general level of anxiety The responses to these questions will be recorded in a de-identified manner and subsequently analysed. 

On completion of SLT treatment for each patient, the treating Ophthalmologist will complete a one page Pre and Post-Procedure Details sheet which will form part of the SLT Clinical Audit. 

This will be a longitudinal study, consecutively enrolling appropriate patients attending General Ophthalmology and Glaucoma subspecialty clinics across Australia. Ophthalmologists will have the opportunity to enrol patients as part of their RANZCO annual CPD clinical audit. Patients both in public hospital and private clinics will be equally eligible and will be identified by participating Ophthalmologists who are treating them. 

If you require more information regarding this study, please email Glaucoma Australia


SLT Clinical Audit Enrolment

To enrol for the SLT Clinical Audit please complete the online enrolment form including the clinicians SLT treatment details. Once enrolled you will receive 15 individually coded patient participation packs.