SLT Clinical Audit 

Glaucoma Australia SLT Clinical AuditOphthalmologists are invited to enrol in the SLT Clinical Audit – evaluating the impact of Glaucoma Australia educational interventions on patients with glaucoma; at the same time determining success rates of SLT, IOP reduction and factors predictive for that success.

In an effort to improve overall patient understanding about glaucoma and its management, Glaucoma Australia has devised a patient focussed education intervention, designed to improve patient comprehension, reduce anxiety, improve adherence to treatment and overall empower patients to make appropriate decisions regarding their health management.

The Glaucoma Australia Education for SLT is a randomised study that investigates the health-related impact of telephone based education for patients booked for SLT treatment, in terms of glaucoma-related comprehension, levels of anxiety and future management plans.

RANZCO has approved this CPD activity for 30 points in the Clinical Expertise category level 2.


Patient Eligibility Criteria

  • To be scheduled for treatment with SLT (in one or both eyes) at least one week after consent is obtained;
  • Age > 30;
  • Open angle glaucoma in one or both eyes (based on characteristic optic disc changes or glaucomatous visual field loss);
  • The ability to speak, read and comprehend English fluently or have the service of a valid interpreter.

There are no costs for the patient, apart from a little time spent answering a survey and/or learning about SLT by telephone.To enrol, please read the study summary and complete the online enrolment form including clinicians SLT treatment details.




Privacy Statement: Glaucoma Australia Inc. will collect and record patients’ personal information for the purposes of conducting the “Glaucoma Australia SLT Clinical Audit”. This information will be stored in a de-identified manner and will not be disclosed to any third party except as required or permitted by law. To know more about our privacy policy and procedures visit or contact our Privacy Officer on (02) 9906 6640 or at Level 3, 621 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065. The Glaucoma Australia SLT Clinical Audit is a randomised health study provided by Glaucoma Australia Inc. ©2014 Glaucoma Australia Inc. All rights reserved. 1708231

SLT Clinical Audit Study Summary

Before enrolling in the Glaucoma Australia SLT Clinical Audit please read the comprehensive study summary.


SLT Clinical Audit Enrolment

To enrol for the SLT Clinical Audit please complete the online enrolment form including the clinicians SLT treatment details. Once enrolled you will receive 15 individually coded patient participation packs.