Previously Awarded Research Grants and Recipients


Recipient    Study / Grant
Flinders University   

Kath Holmes / RANZCO Grant

Flinders University      TARRGET
Kath Holmes / RANZCO Grant

Flinders University   TARRGET
Kath Holmes / RANZCO Grant

Dr Kathryn Burdon & 
Ms Emmanuelle Souzeau
  Identifying genetic causes of primary congenital glaucoma in Australia

Prof Jonathan Crowston &  
Dr Ian Trounce
  Oxidative Phosphorylation defects and the optic nerve response to acute IOP injury in the xenomitochondrial mouse

Westmead Hospital    

Assoc/Professor Robert Casson  

Bioenergetic-Based Neuroprotection for the Treatment of Retinal and Optic
Kath Holmes / RANZCO Grant



Assoc/Prof Jamie Craig 
& Dr Alex Hewitt
  Proteomic and Genomic Strategies to Identify the Molecular Basis of PEX
Kath Holmes/RANZCO Grants
Prof Glen Gole, Dr Nigel Barnett 
& Prof Steven Bottle
  Evaluating a novel (two-way, ie reversible) technique to measure oxidation (or reduction)
in retinal cells in an experimental glaucoma model
Dr Alex Hewitt, Dr Mirella Dottori 
& Dr Bryony Nayagam
  Developing a patient-specific model for glaucoma
Kath Holmes / RANZCO

 Dr Glyn Chidlow    Investigations into optic nerve injury in a rat model of glaucoma

Dr Kathryn Burdon, A/Prof Jamie Craig, Dr James Muecke, Dr Adam Rudkin & Dr Jillian Nicholl   Genetic causes of childhood blindness in Sri Lanka and Cambodi
Kath Holmes / RANZCO

A/Prof Robert Casson   Can Glucose Eye Drops Improve Vision in Glaucoma

Dr Kathryn Burdon   Genetic Investigations of Central Corneal Thickness in
Relation to Blinding Glaucoma
Kath Holmes / RANZCO

Ms F O’Hare   Characteristics of auditory function in individuals with glaucoma

Prof Jonathan Crowston and Dr Paul Healey   Regulating wound healing after glaucoma filtration surgery by priming Tenon’s
fibroblast for apoptosis.

Dr A. Martins, Prof Stuart
Graham & Dr Alexander Klistorner
  Spectral (Blue-Yellow) Objective Perimetry in Normal and Diseased States
Kath Holmes / RANZCO

Dr John Wood and Dr Glyn Chidlow   The Role of Tau in Experimental Glaucoma

Prof David Mackey   The Twin Eye Studies in Tasmania to investigate genetic and environmental
contributions to glaucoma and other eye diseases

Dr Colin I Clement   Hyperhomocystinaemia in Glaucoma

Dr Glyn Chidlow
& Assoc/Prof Robert Casson
  The Role of Osteopontin in the Retina

Assoc/Professor Robert Casson   Bioenergetic-Based Neuroprotection for
the Treatment of Retinal and Optic

Dr Simon Skalicky   Glaucoma and Depression

Prof Peter McCluskey, Alex Dempster, 
Prof ACB (Tony) Molteno 
& Prof Denis Wakefield 
  The Role of Matrix Metallooproteinases in the Development of
Filtration Blebs following Molteno Valve Insertion

Prof Minas T Coroneo, Dr Agar Ashish
& Dr Mark Hill
  The Effects of Pressure on Retinal Ganglion Cell Survival In-Vitro

Mr Michael Ward & Assoc/Prof Ross McKinnon   Genetic determinants of beta-blocker eye drop efficacy in glaucoma patient

Assoc/Prof Jamie Craig  & Dr Nick Voelcker   Miniaturised Implantable Sensors for Eye Pressure Measurement






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