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About Glaucoma Australia

Glaucoma Australia is the peak glaucoma association in Australia and focuses on educating the community about glaucoma, patient support and funding Australian glaucoma research. Incorporated in 1998, it’s a registered, non-government, not-for-profit charity.

Glaucoma Australia’s Mission is: To eliminate glaucoma blindness

Our Aims

  1. to increase community awareness that glaucoma is a potentially blinding eye disease and to stress the importance of regular optic nerve checks;
  2. to provide information and support for glaucoma patients and their families, reinforcing advice and explanations given by eye practitioners and improving adherence to therapy;
  3. to raise funds for Australian glaucoma research;
  4. to support eye and other health providers, to maximise patient health outcomes;
  5. to advocate on behalf of the glaucoma community.

Our Services

  • offering education and support (including through the association’s freecall telephone number 1800 500 880 and our informative newsletter Glaucoma News)
  • supporting eye health professionals
  • awareness campaigns such as B.I.G. breakfast
  • funding research projects

As a member of the World Glaucoma Patient Association, Glaucoma Australia coined the awareness/fundraising tag line B.I.G Breakfast – where B.I.G. stands for Beat Invisible Glaucoma. B.I.G Breakfast is synonymous with Glaucoma Awareness World Wide.

With our council member and co-founder Associate Professor Ivan Goldberg AM and our Chief Executive Officer, Annie Gibbins, on the World Glaucoma Patient Association Board, our sights are set on eliminating glaucoma blindness.

Donations to Glaucoma Australia are used to fund our aims and services. At Glaucoma Australia, donations from our Friends and Supporters are put towards initiatives for the glaucoma community, ultimately contributing to Our Mission.

Glaucoma Australia has been endorsed as a deductible gift recipient by the ATO, and is licensed to collect for charitable purposes Australia wide.

Memorandums of Understanding

As an establishment of official partnership with organisations that align with our mission and values, Glaucoma Australia is proud to have signed memorandums of understanding with each of the following Associations:

  • RANZCO (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists)
  • Optometry Australia
  • Orthoptists Australia

Our Staff

You can contact our staff members by phone on 02 9906 6640 or by making an email enquiry here.

Annie Gibbins Annie Gibbins - Chief Executive Officer

Kim Brady-Kells -
Office Administrator
Gillian Hopkins - Online Marketing & Customer Engagement Manager
Meegan McLeod - National Coordinator/Educator

Youli Yu - Digital Marketing Specialist





Our History

In 1986 an ophthalmologist and a glaucoma patient formed a Steering Committee to create a Glaucoma Foundation as there was no lay organisation concentrating specifically on glaucoma in Australia.

Council Members

Information about the members of the Council which govern Glaucoma Australia, their qualifications and experience.


At Glaucoma Australia, our Staff and Council members are supported by skilled committees which offer expert knowledge toward Our Mission: To eliminate glaucoma blindness.