About Glaucoma Australia

Glaucoma Australia’s mission is to eliminate glaucoma blindness by detecting and treating early. We aim to give hope to the 300,000 Australians who have glaucoma. 

Our focus are the 150,000 people who are completely unaware they have it and are therefore at risk of suffering preventable but irreversible blindness. In particular, we are committed to reaching the relatives of people with glaucoma and motivating them to have early and regular testing, due to the fact you are 10 times more likely to have glaucoma if you have a direct family member with it.

People who are diagnosed, especially early, can benefit from the most advanced medical treatments available to manage their condition successfully.  

To achieve these aims, we work practically and collaboratively, with committed health professionals and exploit powerful internet based technologies to identify people with glaucoma, support them and improve treatment adherence.  

In addition, we seek to raise funds for Australian researchers who share in our passion and mission.

Memorandums of Understanding

As an establishment of official partnership with organisations that align with our mission and values, Glaucoma Australia is proud to have signed memorandums of understanding with each of the following Associations:

  • RANZCO (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists)
  • Optometry Australia
  • Orthoptics Australia

Our Staff

You can contact our staff members by phone on 02 9411 7722 or by making an email enquiry here.

Annie Gibbins Annie Gibbins - Chief Executive Officer

Sofia Ettridge -
Office Administrator
Gillian Hopkins - Online Marketing & Customer Engagement Manager
Sapna Nand - Patient Educator (Orthoptist)






Our History

In 1986 an ophthalmologist and a glaucoma patient formed a Steering Committee to create a Glaucoma Foundation as there was no lay organisation concentrating specifically on glaucoma in Australia.

Board Members

Information about the Board of Directors whom govern Glaucoma Australia, their qualifications and experience.


At Glaucoma Australia, our Staff and Council members are supported by skilled committees which offer expert knowledge toward Our Mission: To eliminate glaucoma blindness.